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All right, top honchos at technology companies are tech savvy, but this one is miles ahead. Ankur Bhatia, managing director of Amadeus India, is an out-and-out gadget freak. He tells ET passionately about the gadgets he uses and also those which he doesn’t but would definitely like to possess. Read on to know about his engaging tech gear box.

A communicator fan, Bhatia, is currently using Nokia communicator 9300i. “I am a first generation communicator fan. Though I buy new handsets for testing them,” says Mr Bhatia. He is also net savvy. “I am always connected,” he says. He uses Sony VAIO TX series laptop. He receives around 200-300 e-mails a day and makes sure he has replied to all of them by end of the day. “E-mails have changed the way we work,” he says as a matter of fact. He also uses a GPS receiver to know about his location and distances accurately.

Gaming freak and a photographer, Mr Bhatia uses gadgets not just at work but also to pursue his hobbies. He has Sony

gadgets to reduce power use

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Does the battery of your mobile phone require frequent recharging?

As gadgets like cellphones and I-pods shrink in size, scientists say technology is being developed to reduce power consumption by such gadgets.

A team led by an Indian scientist, Jagadesh Moodera at Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new material that not only increases the computing power and flexibilty of these and other electronic devices, but also dramatically reduces their power consumption.

“We currently have multifunctional cell phones that act as phones, cameras and music players. Our research could create even greater multi-functionality in the future,” says Jagadesh Moodera, Senior Research Scientist, Magnet Lab, MIT, in his paper about the research.

Moodera and his team have developed a magnetic semiconductor material–a chromium doped indium oxide which is seen as a major development in the field of “Spinotronics.”

Spin electronics or spinotronics is the science of integrating the functionality of both charge and spin of the electrons in the computer chips for better functionality. The increase in the growth in hard disk capacity from 100 MB to 500 GB is largely

Those inseparable gadgets

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You know a lot about star tantrums, its time now to know about their personal technology preferences. Read on as Bollywood actress Dia Mirza and former Miss Asia Pacific unearths her tech tool kit.

Dazzling Dia and geeky gadgets, do they mix well? “One has to be tech savvy in today’s world and most people, including me, are. Don’t know why people have a perception that women are not very gadget friendly,” she says. She uses two phones – one for official needs and the other for personal use.

The phone that I use for official purpose is switched on only from 6 am to 9 pm.” Now that’s what tech-management is all about. “People today don’t have mobile etiquette, they call on your cell phone whenever they feel like, that’s why I switch off my work phone when the work hours get over,” she explains.

At present, she is using Nokia N series mobile phone and is looking forward to Samsung’s metal series – the product that the diva herself launched. Her favourite gadget is the iPod. “I and my iPod are inseparable,”

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For Kansagra It no frills gadgets too

A man who is financially and emotionally attached to a ‘no-frill’ airline follows the same model when it comes to gadgets that he uses — no frills and low cost. At least this is what ET’s tête-à-tête with Bhulo Kansagra, director, SpiceJet suggests.

When asked if he is tech savvy he says a ‘no’ snappily. He uses a Nokia 6310. “Its an outdated model I know,” he says candidly. He uses only the two basic functions of the phone — receiving and making calls and sending SMS.

The answer is again negative when asked if he is net savvy. Though he uses a Sony Viao laptop, but then a laptop is a corporate head’s need today rather than desire. He receives around 50 e-mails a day. And to how many of them does he answer? “I try replying to all,” he says. He is not fond of surfing the net though.

While everybody talks about how distances have been shortened owing to advanced technology and innumerable gadgets that a person has at its disposable today, Mr Kansagra has a different view to share.

“Thanks to mobile phones and video conferencing people don’t have to

Gadgets that organise a busy life

well organised and spiritual. We see these traits converging as Ravi Sharma, president, South Asia region, Alcatel-Lucent, speaks candidly about his favourite gadgets. He knows how to make best use of the technology. Before the merger of Alcatel and Lucent he was president Alcatel, South Asia.

His life revolves around three gadgets —- cellphone, Blackberry and i-Pod. Blackberry is his favourite gadget. “While travelling, this gadget is of great help,” says Mr Sharma. He checks his mails on Blackberry when travelling. He also uses it while flying. He receives around 150 mails a day and replies to or forwards around 40% of them. He uses his Compaq laptop mainly for presentations.

Mr Sharma is fond of listening to ghazals. For this his i-Pod comes handy. Also to keep in touch with his spiritual being, he loves listening to devotional songs and teachings of Chinmaya Mission on his i-Pod.

Now, no points for guessing this one. He uses an Alcatel cellphone. “Though it’s not very popular in India, what I like about it is that its a user friendly phone,” he says. He has tried many handsets and keeps changing them every nine months to test

Now control your gadgets with hand gestures

Move over, touchscreens and buttons! A new Google sensor lets you control gadgets using hand gestures made in air.

A tiny interaction sensor that uses radar to translate subtle hand movements into gesture controls for electronic devices such as watches and cellphones has been unvieled by Google.

The sensor fits onto a chip and is able to track sub-millimetre hand gestures at high speed and accuracy with radar, and use them to control gadgets without physical contact.

The sensor could remove the need for designing knobs and buttons into the surface of products such as watches, cellphones and radios, Dezeen reported.

“Radar has been used for many different things: tracking cars, big objects, satellites and planes,” said Project Soli founder Ivan Poupyrev.

“We’re using them to track micro motions; twitches of humans hands then use it to interact with wearables and integrated things in other computer devices,” Poupyrev said.

Waves in the radio frequency spectrum are emitted at a target by the chip. The panel then receives the reflected waves, which are transferred to a computer circuit that interprets the differences between them.

The team at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects

For tech freak Menon life in gadgets

A technology-freak, Dr Jai Menon, CIO and director (IT & Innovation), Bharti Airtel, believes that digital life is fun, and gadgets are his toys. His latest toy is an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).

“I am busy playing with an HTC Advantage UMPC these days,” he says excitedly. He uses BlackBerry Pearl for his voice calls and e-mails. Though he likes the fact that BlackBerry is light weight and has integrated voice and e-mail function, he has a complain too. “I cannot segregate my inbox mails.” Besides UMPC and BlackBerry, he has a an iPhone as well.

Just like three phones, he has three laptops too. He uses an IBM X Series notebook, a MacBook Pro and an HP laptop. More the merrier seems to be Menon’s mantra. He has two iPods — a Shuffle and a Nano. Though he doesn’t get much time for gaming, he has both PlayStation 2 and an Xbox.

“I am passionate about car racing games, though I spend very little time gaming,” he admits candidly. A Sony Cyber-shot camera and a Bose noise cancellation device are some of the other gadgets in his tool kit. He has a video system in

Gadgets driving couples to sleep separately

Homes on Friday are filled with increasing numbers of high-tech gadgets, from smart phones and computers to state-of-the-art TV and audio systems. But a new study has found that these have acutally become bedroom bugs.

A team of researchers in Britain has found that the high-tech gadgets are forcing millions of couples to sleep apart with the bedroom becoming a communications hub rather than a place for sleep.

Busy night-time routines are driving couples’ bedtimes and even their bedrooms apart,” the British media quoted Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council, which carried out the study, as saying.

In their study, the researchers surveyed 1,400 people in Britain between Feb 27 and March three.

They found that one in ten couples sleep in different beds every night while a quarter admit to doing so on a daily basis; four in ten people go to bed at a different time to their partner.

More than one in five people (22 per cent) now use their mobile phone or Blackberry over the traditional alarm clock, after cleaning their teeth with an electric toothbrush, the study revealed.

One in three people are happy to chat on

Smart gadgets influence top executives

The chairman and managing director of GTL Infrastructure (a telecom infrastructure company and network services provider) Manoj Tirodkar is a complete gadget freak. From using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning his house to PlayStation 3, his life revolves around smart tools.

He uses a Nokia Communicator phone because of its wider display and the email feature, but thinks the software needs improvement. His notebook is a Sony Vaio and digicam is a Sony model as well. “I am fond of working on pictures and creating albums on my laptop,” he says. He has a 80GB iPod which when connected to JBL speakers works like a complete music system. While travelling, he uses Bose noise cancellation headphones.

To keep himself entertained when travelling by air, he also uses Archos, a compact DVD player. He prefers spending time watching movies or just relaxing on board rather than using in-flight e-mail. Some other gadgets in his tool kit are Electrolux vacuum cleaner, PlayStation 3, a music mixing system and Bang & Olufsen home theatre system. Inspite of having so many gadgets Mr Trikodar is very clear about which one is his favourite: the Sony Vaio laptop. Mr Tirodkar is

Gadgets women love them too

times are a-changing! From professional girl gamers to CEOs of technology firms to writers, women have dramatically made their mark in this infinitely shiny and futuristic universe of all things tech.

Let me explain by stating that I am in fact a technology writer who has received a wide spectrum of reactions when introducing myself. They range from the slightly horrified to the fascinated to the “oh what-a-boring-job” expression. I understand that for a lot of people, technology equals boring, but I can honestly say that it’s quite the opposite.


I thrive on gadgets, the Internet and absolutely love anything and everything under the sun that “bytes”! Since my line of work requires me to give an in-depth coverage of gadgets and technology trends, I inevitably learn something new each day.

Yet another exciting facet of my job is to constantly remain updated with the latest, trendiest and most-wanted devices! I thoroughly enjoy writing such articles for women’s publications in particular, since it provides me with a chance to unleash my creativity.

Writing for us women proves to be a superb challenge since apt gizmos need to be sourced out from the

Attention Gadget Six smartphones

OnePlus is reportedly set to release a new smartphone named ‘OnePlus 2 Mini’, which has already cleared TENAA. As it has been reported, the smartphone sports a 4.99-inch AMOLED (1920x1080p) display and is powered by a 2.0GHz octa- core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 810) chipset along with 3GB RAM. OnePlus will offer users 16GB of internal storage. Additionally, the device can support microSD cards of up to 128GB.

Speaking of the camera, the smartphone sports a 13MP primary camera and an 8MP selfie camera. The Android-based OxygenOS device is 6.9mm thick and weighs 138g.

-Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

This Xiaomi phablet is yet to launch in India, but once it does it is sure to give phones with high-end specs run for their money. Featuring a 5.5-inch 1080p display, Redmi Note 3 is powered by 2GHz MediaTek Helio X10 64-bit octa-core chipset.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a dual SIM phone that comes in two variants: One with 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage, and the other with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 also comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera. It also packs a 4,000mAh

Pooja Jain rendezvous with gadgets

Women and gadgets don’t mix. At least that’s what men generally think. But rendezvous with Pooja Jain, executive director, Luxor Group, might prove this statement, made by some, incorrect.

“I am always quite curious to know about gadgets and tend to get involved with them,” she says as she begins to talk about gadgets and how its their functionality and not fantasy that matters.

She uses two mobile handsets, one a Nokia whose model she can’t recall and another one a Blackberry Pearl. “I have tried many phones but Nokia for sure is a user friendly phone,” she says. What she likes about Blackberry is that she can check her mails on the mobile phone while travelling and also open attachments.

When talking about gadgets that a woman uses, how can we miss accessories. Well, no points for guessing this one — her phone tag is a pen. “I don’t need an LV tag to make a statement, I am my statement,” she says in an upbeat tone.

Similarly, fancy ringtones and caller tunes are not her cup of tea. When it comes to her favourite gadget, it is an iPod which wins the

Trying gadgets that add value

While talking to CbaySystems CEO Raman Kumar, I realise he weighs his words and is a cautious investor when it comes to gadgets.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m extremely tech-savvy, but I have a fair understanding about new gizmos in the market. I’m always keen to try out new gadgets that would add value to my professional life as well as make my leisure time more enjoyable,” he says.

At present, he’s using a BlackBerry Bold as it’s very handy in checking emails. “I love it because it is extremely practical, yet sleek. I would any day prefer a BlackBerry to an iPhone as I am an email addict,” he adds.

Mr Kumar uses a Sony Vaio laptop and has been associated with the brand over the last decade as it is tailored for business use. He uses it for presentations because it has a great display. The current one is about a year old.

Interestingly, when it comes to music, he is an absolutely traditional person. No iPods for him. “I enjoy indulging in my favorite music only when I am at home and for that, I have a Bose music system with

Companies go extra mile to indulge kids with wearable gadgets digital books

Pampered all this while with goodies ranging from exclusive meals, perfumes, to flashy watches, Gen Z consumers could finally lay their hands on serious indulgence. From sewing machines, wearable gadgets, digital books, activity kits delivered at their doorsteps, to exclusive gyms, children as young as two to 12 years have their hands full with options.

Last week, Usha International launched Usha Janome My Fab Barbie’, a fullfeature sewing machine in association with toymaker Mattel that costs upwards of Rs 10,000. The company, which launched kids’ category three years back with graphics of Chhota Bheem and Doraemon on ceiling fans, has launched the sewing machine to encourage parents to foster creativity in their children. With families splurging on their children, there would be no dearth of takers for the sewing machine, a company spokesperson said.

“Research shows that children need to be actively engaged in 12 different areas for a holistic development. However, in these busy days with nuclear families, parents don’t have the time to ensure that their child is engaged effectively . And this constraint makes children resort to the easy way of watching TV ,” said Arun Prasad Durairaj. Durairaj cofounded Flinto Learning Solutions

Gadgets that are taking over the tech world

Lenovo K5 Note

While the K4 Note has just been launched in India, Lenovo has gone ahead and taken the wraps off the K5 Note. It goes one-up over the K4 Note with a metal body, a newer octa core Mediatek MT6755 Helio P10 processor, 8MP front camera and a larger 3,500mAh battery. You get a 5.5-inch IPS display (1920 x1080 pixels), 13MP rear camera, 16GB storage (expandable), dual SIM, fingerprint sensor, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Strangely, the Lenovo K5 Note comes with only 2GB RAM while the K4 Note has 3GB RAM. The phone is expected to go on sale in China for RMB 1,099 (about Rs 11,500 approx.). We expect it to launch in India in few months.

Leica X-UThis is the Leica’s first rugged camera: water proof, shock proof and dust proof. The compact camera has a 16.3MP APS-C sensor with a fixed 23mm lens. It has a wide f1.7 aperture and can focus on subjects as close as 20cm. Other features include ISO 12,500, RAW image recording, 11 focus points and 5fps continuous shooting speed. Around the back is an articulating 3-inch display that doubles as the viewfinder and the rechargeable

Gadgets keep me entertained

Natarajan Viswanathan, Managing Director of Hitachi Data Systems (India), is high on technology, making best out of it to keep himself entertained. His Aiwa music FM receiver attached with Labtec woofers keeps him entertained in office all day long.

“I love listening to music. From Jazz to Indian classical, the gadget keeps me entertained all day long,” he says. Though he will soon invest in WorldSpace Radio. “It offers variety of channels catering to all kinds of genres of music. The only hitch is that I will have to fix an antenna for it at the highest possible point in my office,” he says. He also has an iPod which he uses as a music repository. “I use it as a hard drive to store my music and videos,” he adds.

He uses BlackBerry 8700. “What I like the most about this phone is that it has a wide screen and a comfortable keyboard. I am quite happy with it,” he says. His notebook is a Dell Latitude. But as it is very heavy he will soon upgrade to another model.

Natarajan is net-savvy too. He receives 250 e-mails and sends out around 125 e-mails

Incognito browsing is really private15 such gadget myths busted

You’ve heard them before – in multiple blogs, articles and emails, in WhatsApp forwards and Facebook posts. But you shouldn’t believe everything you need on the internet.

Myth: Active mobile phones in airplanes will interfere with the navigation and communications systems – is deemed hazardous for safety and hence banned.

Fact: Modern airplane guidance and communication systems are incredibly sophisticated. Even a full plane of active mobile phones can’t do a thing to displace their accuracy. If it were actually hazardous, you would have been required to deposit/checkin mobile phones before flying. The real reason you can’t make calls is far simpler: crowd control and safety announcements.

Myth: Mobile phones can cause fires at petrol filling stations.

Fact: Petroleum gas is flammable – it can be ignited by a spark. But that spark will probably come from matches, lighters or static electricity and not your mobile phone. The fear is that a faulty phone or battery will cause a spark and fire but this is extremely unlikely and there is not a single verified incidence of this happening.

Myth: You should not charge devices overnight: it will shorten battery life and can even

Origami gadgets

The boffins at Sony’s Tokyo labs are working on a clever way to get bulky electronic devices into small pockets. Their plan is to create handheld computers, phones and portable games consoles that fold up for carrying and then become rigid for use, reports New Scientist. The body and screen of folding gadgets would be made from a flexible polymer containing conductive rubber bracing struts filled with a gel of aluminosilicate particles suspended in silicone oil.

When a current is passed through the struts, the particles clump together and harden the gel, making the gadget solid enough to use. Sony has found that it would take very little power to make such a folding device harden, so the drain on its battery should be low. The company’s patent adds that the transition from soft to hard takes just milliseconds. It suggests that the same technique could even be used in a video game control-ler to make it jolt or change shape in response to on-screen action.

ET Recommendation Gadgets and apps

Installing a touchscreen infotainment in your car is the easiest way to add some class to the interiors while improving the sound and enabling a whole lot of new functionality. We reviewed Pioneer’s new AVH-X8790BT — part of their 2016 line-up. This is a 2DIN system, compatible with any car that has a 2DIN (double size) slot.

This system has a high-resolution (WVGA) 7-inch screen, DVD/CD player, dual USB ports, HDMI input, SD card slot, rear AUX input, support for reverse camera and video output for additional screens. The BT in the name stands for Bluetooth — so obviously, it is also Bluetooth-enabled to work with any phone. Once you pair it, it will upload your phone book and recent calls. You can make/receive calls using your car speakers. You probably won’t notice it, but there’s also a tiny microphone that the installer will have placed near the sun visor. As opposed to the unit having a mic, a separate mic will give you clearer calls.

But most importantly, this unit supports Apple CarPlay — the most seamless way to use your iPhone in the car.

Just use the usual Lightning cable and plug in